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Real Estate Law & Litigation Attorney in Orange County, California

Real Estate transactions and Land use is an important factor for most businesses and individuals, after all, one of our biggest assets is the property we own. Most estates have property, and many businesses own the building they occupy. Experience is critical in the preparation of a strategy to protect these assets from taxation, litigation, and other harmful elements. Our real estate planning, combined with our litigation experience provides all professionals with the comprehensive legal services necessary to keep you and your assets protected from damaging legal actions. The clients we serve represent a broad cross-section of the private sector, with businesses of all sizes and from all industries seeking our aid. Our goal is to help these clients avoid litigation whenever possible while defending their interests and assets from legal actions. We provide legal services such as:

  • Real Estate tax law

  • Land use and property acquisition

  • Eviction and tenant rights

  • Wills and Trust protection

  • Foreclosure and Lease Disputes

  • Copyright or Patent Conflicts

Real estate-related problems can be complex. Turn to Attorney Farano for help seeking a favorable outcome.

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Many firms know the law but can’t protect you through the dispute process. Our Real Estate & litigation firm is dedicated to making sure you are fully prepared to weather any legal actions leveled against you. Regardless of whether or not your case ends up in front of a judge, we are here to provide the experienced legal advice that is crucial to protect your rights and assets. Our approach to Real Estate law involves an individualized assessment of your needs and a close working relationship with our clients. This ensures that no detail of your case ever goes overlooked.