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Family Law: Property Settlement in Divorce Proceedings

When two persons enter into a family law court in order to obtain a divorce, one of the functions of the court will be divide the community property equally between the parties. The court generally is required to equally divide the parties' community assets and liabilities. Although an ideal property disposition by a court would be a mathematically equal division it is not always possible that each community estate asset be precisely divided. Instead, a court must distribute both the community estate assets and liabilities so that the residual assets awarded to each party after the deduction of liabilities are equal.

This is done in the same way it is done in any business litigation case. Each party hires an expert or agree upon one expert to evaluate the asset and either the parties agree on how it is to be divided or the court decides on how the asset should be divided. This explanation is an over simplification and there are hundreds of variable that could be thrown into the equation. Charles M. Farano is the superior choice for any family law case involving a family business for several reasons.

  1. Part of his experience includes 32 years of trial experience in both trial criminal and civil trial arenas where he has deposed literally hundreds of accountants, business evaluators, real estate appraisers and lawyers.

  2. His trial experience is probably unsurpassed in the field of family law property settlement. While he recognizes the court’s view that family cases are supposed to be “Non-adversarial”, he also recognizes that a trial is a trial and is willing to take your case to trial without hesitation.