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How to Pick a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in L.A.

I have been a criminal defense attorney in Orange County and Los Angeles for about 32 years and have come to know that there is an art to criminal defense:

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The Bulk Sales Law

Johnnie Cochran has been dead for years, yet his name is still being used to attract clients nationwide. The Cochran firm's website states specifically:

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Domestic Violence Criminal Defense Lawyer

Domestic violence and family violence are crimes where the sheer volume of the complaints filed by District Attorneys have grown significantly over the years since the "OJ" trial. A significant amount of money is being poured into programs designed to reduce domestic violence.

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Medical Marijuana Collective Dispensary Law

MEDICAL MARIJUANA has become legal in 14 states and The District of Columbia. Recreational use of Marijuana has been made legal in Colorado and Washington State and it is on the ballots in other states to be legalized.

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Local Land Use and Permitting Issues.

Medical marijuana collective dispensaries are required to follow the same building codes, land use and local permitting ordinances as other businesses. They need to obtain building permits before doing most lease hold improvements.

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